Our Goals

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In any endeavor goals are necessary, missions is no exception. We have four objectives that we would like to accomplish in Madagascar.

  • Evangelization:  Evangelization is the first objective and really the foundation of future work.

  • Discipleship: Once souls are saved we plan on discipling them in a closer walk with the Lord. Teaching about the basics of being a Christian.

  • Church Planting: As souls are saved and discipled, a church can be established for corporate worship and instruction.

  • Bible Institute: In order for the work to continue in Madagascar a Bible Institute is necessary to train future leaders

As we are on deputation we would like be a blessing in each church that we are able to be in. There are several ways that we would like to be a blessing.

  • Encouragement

  • Exhortation

  • Edification


As a missionary going to the field, I have some goals that I would like to accomplish as we present our work in churches.

  • Enlist prayer warriors for the cause of world missions. No matter where a missionary is, they need prayer. Our desire is to raise awareness and activity in this matter of praying for missionaries.

  • Scout for future missionaries. Currently for every missionary going to the field there are two missionaries returning permanently from the field. Where will the next generation of missionaries come from? As we travel we want to challenge everyone to see what God would have them do, and to prayerfully consider world missions.

  • Recruit financial support. Not only for our missions work, but for world missions as a whole. My family and I have been and will continue to be involved in faith promise. We want to challenge others to give as they have been blessed, in order for the world to hear of the good news of salvation.