July Prayer Letter 2016

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The coldest part of the winter season is over, and now the weather is wonderful. Day time temperatures hover around the low seventies, and the evenings in the fifties.


Discipleship training has been going on in two places. The first is in the village where we have been working for almost two years. We are almost finished with discipleship training and a couple of classes to wrap up the institute work. The other discipleship training is taking place at a Baptist church in town. We finished our last session this past Sunday and look forward to seeing how the church implements the training into their outreach. I have received some feedback from people taking the course. Some are still hesitant, but one person has considered finding work in another country and then starting a church while there. That is a missions minded person!


Recently, I have been able to teach my lessons in Malagasy. Ernest is still near to help me when I need a word. In a few months, I will begin teaching a personal evangelism class for another missionary, and should be able to teach entirely in Malagasy. This is a huge blessing for me, because it means I am progressing in the language.


During the national independence celebrations here in Madagascar, a grenade or pipe bomb was detonated at a concert. Apparently, the president had just left from the stage when it exploded. It killed 2 people, and another 81 people were injured from the ensuing panic. This kind of thing happened a few years ago, but is rather unusual for here. The security at the airport has been increased, but that is also in preparation for a conference next month. Occasionally, we get security alerts from the U.S. Embassy, and we don’t go to hot spots and avoid large groups during protests. Normally, we are completely safe, and compared to other countries in Africa we are never in any major danger.


The last few weeks we have had some sicknesses running through family, and have experienced some spiritual warfare. The devil works to discourage the work that is being done.Thank you for your faith prayers on our behalf.


In Christ,

Paul, Laura, James, Andrea, Javan, Evelyn, Indgrid, Jowan & Joram Hostetler