May Prayer Letter 2019

…but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12


The temperature is now starting to fall into the low eighties during the day and mid to high seventies at night. The days are more and more overcast as we enter the “winter” season on the island.


The house that we moved in to in March is definitely a blessing, even though there are a few things that still need to be worked out, like consistent electricity. We have solar power, and a backup generator. But, the generator has a problem, and we have been waiting for someone to fix it since the end of March. We finally had a mechanic come in from a city on the mainland the last weekend in April, but he wasn’t able to fix the system because a part is burned out and he needs to go the the capitol to find one. With more days being overcast than not, our electric supply is low and only allows for a load or two of laundry each day, and for the fans, and a few lights to be run at night. We still don’t have the fridge’s or freezer running, which makes meal planning difficult and grocery runs frequent.


Never the less, we decided that we needed to push ahead with the purpose of our being here. At first, we were having services at home with Hery. Then, we were finding open air places near town to meet and have a service.


Hery and I have been evangelizing and have had some good contacts. Mostly, the people are friendly and welcoming, even though they are, largely, Catholics. We met a man who welcomed us in to his home, his name is Samy, and he let us share the gospel with him. I asked if he went to church and he said he was Catholic; a little later he showed me a Bible and a book he reads, and it was a Jehovah’s witness Bible and book. So, needless to say, he is a bit confused. We talked to his wife a little later and she asked questions about reincarnation. I am not sure where she has heard that from, but that is not a traditional belief or one of any of the other religious groups. We gave her the gospel as well, and are praying that the Lord will convict them both of their need of Salvation. We have been back to talk to both of them several more times and at least he is planning on being there for our first service coming up.


In mid-April, Javan and I returned to the capitol to get our things from storage. It was a hectic week trying to buy things we needed and to get things ready to go. Bro. Hery from Tana helped get our stuff transported out the the coast and then on a boat to St. Marie. He was a huge blessing. There is still a few things left, but that will be much easier to move by myself.


Young Hery and I talked on Easter and Easter Monday, and developed a plan for planting the church in St. Marie. We will be having the first official service on June 9th, which is Pentecost Sunday. Since the early church started on Pentecost, I think its pretty neat that we will be launching this church on that day as well.

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