On June 9th we launched the Fiangonana Batista Afaka in Ambodifotatra. This is the first Baptist church on the Island of St. Marie. We are excited to have finally gotten to this point of our ministry even though as of yet we have not had any visitors. Every Wednesday, we are going out as a family and blitzing neighborhoods with an invitation to church that has a gospel presentation on the back.

I took two trips to Antananarivo, the Capitol, to get paper work done and to finish shipping the last of our storage items. During the first trip in June, I was stranded for 3 days in the port city of Tamatave and couldn’t return to St. Marie, because the weather was bad and the boats could not run.

The young man that came with us to St. Marie to help us in the church had a prior engagement that he needed to attend and so he left the island in May and did not return until the early part of July. His trip had been delayed because his father was sick with Tuberculosis. Please pray for Hery and his family. Since he has returned he has had to work more and so his time in helping us has been significantly limited.

The first Sunday in August, I finished preaching through the book of First Corinthians and have started a new series in the book of Genesis. We have also developed a strategy for our blitz’s which will help us to make people aware of the church outside of the town of Ambodifotatra. Most people do not have motorized transportation and so they will not travel far to go to church. So, with our new strategy we hope to be able to start Bible studies that will grow into churches. We hope to soon start a Bible Club for children in a village near our home. Our goal is to reach the parents through the children with the desire to see a church establish there. Also, to fulfill our visa requirements, I have started an English class. Please pray that we will be able to reach people for Christ through the English class as well.

Pray for…

the church to grow.

Souls to be saved.

Open doors for ministry.

In Christ,
Paul, Laura, James, Andrea, Javan, Evelyn, Ingrid, Jowan & Joram


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We thank you for your prayers and financial support toward reaching the people of Madagascar with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.