August 2021


Thank you to everyone who prayed for Pastor Elyse Rakotomalala and his church who are dealing with the deaths of two of their members. Pastor Elyse is very sad and heartbroken because the man that died, Roland, was instrumental in assisting him in the ministry. It will take some time for the church and Pastor Rakotomalala to fill the void left by brother Roland.

Early in August, Laura had an emergency surgery, but thankfully she was able to have the surgery at the same hospital as last year. Laura is making good progress in her healing, but she still has a few more weeks before she can get back to normal activities.

The outreach that I have been working on with some men from a fellow missionary’s church has had a little set back. We wrote a letter informing the local neighborhood and city governments about our intent to start a Bible study. During the meeting with the mayor of the city, he told us that we had to ask his permission to start a church and that just informing him was not okay. To me, this was a bit frustrating because when we started the church in Sainte Marie we did not ask for permission, but only informed the local government. The men that are working with me will discuss with Ben Anglea, my missionary friend, about how to proceed. I have decided to only be involved in the ministry outreach and not in the governmental issues. They will have a better sense about how to proceed. We are having another meeting with the mayor on Friday, September 3rd and are asking you to be in prayer about this meeting.

Another missionary, Bobby Burdett, needed help to drive the teens in his church from the town he lives in on the coast to a summer Bible camp near the capital city. I flew with him to his town and we drove two 4×4 vehicles over rough terrain which took us about 26 hours to go 362 miles. The following week we returned the teens home in about the same time. We had a couple of small delays due to repairs, but we made it to our destination both times. It was a lot of fun driving over the rough roads and seeing part of the country I had yet to see. The teens had a great time at camp and several were saved. It was a blessing to be able to play a small part in that.

In Christ,

Paul, Laura, Andrea, Javan, Evelyn, Ingrid, Jowan and Joram Hostetler

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