Happy New Year!

I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas season and New Years celebration. This Christmas for us, was not in any way normal, but we spent time together and did our best.

Thank you for remembering us during the Christmas season. We received many Christmas greetings by email, and also thank you for the love gifts that were sent in.

The new year is shaping up to be a busy one. Starting the 2nd week of January, Paul began teaching English classes, and a Bible Institute. Paul is talking with a fellow missionary to assist nationals in his church in some evangelism outreach projects.

We have submitted the new paper work for the new visa process, and are just waiting on the residency permits and new visa stamps. In the middle of February we were notified that we needed to pay our fee, resubmit our passports and temporary visas so that we could get our final residency permit and visa. Sadly, we will have to re-do this all again in less than six months and pay $2,000 in fees again.

We were able to find a house in the second week of January and moved in a week later. This was a huge answer to prayer. We are settling in and sorting through stuff that has sat in storage for nearly three years.

Please pray: for Laura as she travels back to the US in May to see our eldest son, James; and for the new ministries that we are involved with for the next year.

We posted an update video on our YouTube channel. Video is also embedded below.

In Christ,
Paul, Laura, Andrea, Javan, Evelyn, Ingrid, Jowan & Joram.


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We thank you for your prayers and financial support toward reaching the people of Madagascar with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.