Greetings and a belated Happy New Year.

I think it is fair to say, that because all of the interruptions of 2020, that not as much ministry was accomplished. In spite of all the chaos of last year, some ministry did get done. We are grateful for the things that were accomplish. Last year, we completed four- six week semesters of Bible Institute, we taught two English classes, we were able to go out to Ambohimahatsinjo three times to continue teaching through First Thessalonians, and we were able to finish the translation of a commentary on First Thessalonians (we still need to get the printing done). We are grateful to get these things done in spite of the many months of complete lockdown.

In the month of December, my family and I were sick with fevers for the entire month. We are all well now, but we essentially quarantined ourselves for the month, so that we did not get others sick. As we look forward to what this year has in store, several opportunities are available to us. This January, I began leading several men, from a fellow missionaries church, in evangelizing a new area. We are working, Lord willing, towards a Bible study that can be formed into a church down the road. Bible institute teaching will also resume in the beginning of February. I will be teaching English, as part of our NGO requirements, in a new location in conjunction with a church in that area.

We don’t know everything that this year has in store, but we are looking forward to what God has for us and the work He has for us to do. We are praying for his guidance in our steps.

In Christ,

Paul, Laura, James, Andrea, Javan, Evelyn, Ingrid, Jowan, and Joram Hostetler


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