Hopefully, you all are doing well. Times have been tough world wide for the last four months. We are grateful for your faithfulness to the Lord and in remembering us. The Lord is still in control and is working his will in spite of the the chaos that is happening. A few weeks ago, due to higher rates of infections and deaths from the virus, the government issued another lock down order. At the writing of this prayer letter, the restrictions have lightened a small amount.

For about six weeks, prior to the current lock down, we enjoyed a greatly reduced quarantine. Restaurants had re-opened, business operated for a limited time each day, and life seemed to take on a sense of normalcy, but a week after the June 26th national holiday the case count started climbing, and the government re-issued a lock down order that brought everything to a halt again.

During the six weeks of relaxed restrictions, I had been able to resume the Bible institute work, and I began teaching through the book of First Thessalonians. During the first lock down cycle, Bro. Ernest, my co-worker, started work on translating a small commentary on First Thessalonians, and he later asked if I would be willing to teach through First Thessalonians to the church in Ambohimahatsinjo. We were able to go out 3 different times to preach and encourage the church in Ambohimahatsinjo.

We are waiting for things to open back up so we may resume our ministry activities, and we are preparing to start our next year of homeschooling in August. Please pray for the people of Madagascar during this time of COVID-19. This season hits everyone hard, but those who live day to day are especially affected by the lack of income.


In Christ,

Paul, Laura, James, Andrea, Javan, Evelyn, Ingrid, Jowan and Joram Hostetler

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We thank you for your prayers and financial support toward reaching the people of Madagascar with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.