We were busy with the Bible institute and teaching English in March when the Corona virus finally made it to Madagascar. The government had made the announcement that all flights from Europe would be suspended , and that there was one final flight returning from France. It was on the last plane that 3 people had the virus, and from there it has spread. Due to the restrictions and lock down, it has only spread to about 230 people nation wide, although it is really hard to know if what we are being told is true. When the lock down began, we were able to work on some house projects and continue homeschooling.

On the 14th of April, Laura had a doctor’s appointment. She went to the appointment, and ended up needing to have emergency abdominal surgery. Thankfully, it was at the one place that we trusted for such things, and the surgery was successful. She returned home 2 days later, and has been making a good recovery at home.

We are also thankful for how the Lord had guided us in the last 6 months. We returned from the island of St. Marie in October of last year. During the shut down from the virus, it would have been even more difficult living on the island or getting off the island. Dealing with Laura’s surgery need on the island would have been disastrous. Just before the shut down, we decided to start going through our storage and sold things that we did not need. This allowed us to have about 1 month’s grocery money set aside, not realizing that things would be shut down for a little while. About 5 days before the shut down, Laura wanted us to get a months supply, like we normally try to do and were able to get what we needed. I tried stopping by the store on the Saturday the lock down started, and it was chaotic. We have seen His hand of guidance in many areas preparing us for what lay ahead.

There are still a number of restrictions, but we are able to go out and get what we need. We have been able to help out a little the village of Ambohimahatsinjo as they are suffering from lack of supplies and work during this time. We are trying to figure out ways to continue teaching the Bible class in Ambohidratrimo as the curfew times don’t allow for us to meet for now. Please pray that we will use this time wisely to serve and get things accomplished amongst the restrictions that are in place.


In Christ,

Paul, Laura, James, Andrea, Javan, Evelyn, Ingrid, Jowan and Joram Hostetler

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